Engine Swaps?

As the Micra and Renault Clio now share engines, just wondered how easy it would be to transfer a Clio 172/182 or 197 lump in to a Micra?

Anyone know?


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fairly simple i would have thaught, best to find a crashed clio and then do a half cut swap over of the main anciliaries...


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buying a 197 is probably cheaper than the conversion itself considering how much they depreciate.

Dr Zoidberg

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don't they only share the DCi engine as it's renault the CR and HR engines are nissan.

it was posted before that NMUK put a 172 engine in a k12 for testing, didn't handle and sales for 2.0 litre micra were not worth the effort.... apparently....
i'v removed a engine from a 172 and yes i think you could fit it most of the bits fit i'v got the rear brakes and all of the suspenson off one . the front struts tops and the antiroll bar links you need to modifey tho