engine rebuild help

Right lads I've got a problem. My car wouldn't pass not due to the emissions being to high. A compression test revealed low compression so the head was taken off to get the valves reseated and a light skim. While ít was off some water got in to the cylinders and got some surface rust so took the block out to get honed and turns out that 1 piston has a rattle so needs a new one..
Can anyone help?


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As i said i think you need help from a Motorsport supplier. Those Engines are made 1989, thats 25 years to now.
Nissan has a bad serviceparts policy. As example, the mirror base, wich hold the indoor mirror at the roof is no more available. And it's an 10$ part.

So you have to contact a professional, who make you 4 new pistons for your engine.
Thats expensive but these pistons are much better than the original ones. As example the strength of materials has a improved a lot of times since 1989. The engineering processes are a lot better too.