Engine problems

Hey peeps ... Got my micra back woooooo.... Well I need help ! My car lags when I put my foot down in all gears ! It does pick up speed but slowly ... Any help 1.0 16v !
Is this a new thing? Was it not like it before? Being a 1.0 rapid acceleration isn't exactly it's forte!!!
I only brought the car Sunday lol sometimes it's fine then other times it's not... Sometimes the idle is high then after being off for a while it sorts it self out ... I know it's not rapid but I had a micra 3 years back and it was the same engine so I know how it should drive lol
Maybe, I think a lot of people unplug the MAF and then it runs right which implies it is the MAF. Have a look first, but may be worth a try.


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i have one you can have, free if live close, not been on a car for about four years like.
Mine was doing the same thing, being my first car and first Micra I did not really notice it that much till it started cutting out on start-up and would not get to 60mph.. I replaced the only other thing I had not tried which was throttle body and MAF sensor being the cheaper option I went for that and it cured it ran fine and managed to get passed 60 again, If you want to try other options first I changed the fuel filter which made a noticeable effect till it started doing it again..
Put a picture up of your TB showing the part number. I have one here I bought by mistake about 3 years ago.....if it fits, you can have it for the postage.
So after trying to unplug the maf and the car not even running I think the maf is ok ..... Been told it could be the coil pack ? Help