engine oil and filter



what type of engine oil and grade should be used and best on 1.3 auto engine(65k on it)??
and should i use nissan oil filter or can i use aftermarket one and which after market one should be used or does it not matter?

who makes nissan filters


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Have a search, I found loads of useful info on here about it. I went with 5w30 and a copy filter (filter off ebay). I think it needs to have the non-return valve in it but maybe they all do if they're specced for a Micra..

Nissan make nissan filters ;) but i've read the copies are good enough. I use Blueprint filters on the skyline as do many other owners. I don't think there's much in it cost wise so if you want piece of mind get a nissan filter.
10w40 is the oil reccomended for multi-valed fuel injected cars

as for the filter just go to a local motorspares and ask, probably be coopers which are good also halfords do them too


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I just did an oil change on my mums K11 and used;
Castrol Magnatec GTX 10W40, £23.99 from Halfords
Oil Filter, £5.30 from Nissan