Engine knocking

Random knocking sound started this morning on my 1.3 micra no idea what it could be , timing chain ? , big ends ?. Had a oil change not long ago and the oil levels are fine it was burning abit of oil but that seemed to stop just recently and then this knocking noise starting this morning I also do have a spare 1l which I can take parts off , thanks in advance for any help

How can it just start one day thought like after 30 secs of starting
my understanding is that it's something to do with a sudden increase in oil pressure that causes it rather than something that develops over time

I've had the same thing with distributors though - car drove fine one day, got me home, go to start it the next day and nothing. And then one time it went again mid-journey and just gave up, no hope of restarting it and had to get a tow

Cars are just a pain in the ass


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yup that's a loose big end.

@13:00 here's the sound of the big end caps from my rebuilt engine falling loose after I forgot to tighten em.



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£30 i guess matthew, and not scored but usual 20yr old wear, so they all need grinding ideally