Engine doens't crank anymore in cold weather.

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If you don't want to read the story just read it form -Problem start here- ;)

The last 2 days it was snowing very badly in the Netherlands, and it has gotten very cold.
Yesterday (7-2-2020) I was planning to go do some shopping since I'm out of food (and booze) and because I know that my car might be under the ice and snow I brought with me some gear to help clean it up. When I was there it was just as I thought, covered under the snow and ice. First I tried to clean the driver side door, so I can get in and get the engine running, so I can warm the engine and cabin up, but then disaster struck, the door won't/hard to open from the outside, so I then tried the passenger side, same story. I then as the last attempt tried to open the boot, so I can climb in form the back to tried to push the door open, which work! While I'm 1.87m I would say I do have a lot of room to move from the boot to the passenger seat...

-Problem start here-

When I got all the door open I then tried to start the car, the battery (bought it 2 months ago) work since all the light came on and when I turn the key to start it, it cranks 4-5 times before shutting off, since I had this problem before with an old battery I first thought maybe it's the battery, so I tried again but this time by giving gas when starting, but this time it doesn't crank just a click sound...

I think it might be the starter or the relay, but I don't know where the relays are on this car, anyone knows where the starter relay is? And does anyone know what might be the problem?

The battery was already fully charged when I check it with a charger.

English is not my first or second languages, so some sentence might sound off.


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Check the condition of the battery leads, the earth leads are known to cause issues.

Try using a jump lead to replace an earth lead between the engine block and the negative battery terminal.
My car work again!

I only used the recondition function on the charger and when I put the battery back in the car it just starts right up again!
Thing to note was the right side of the car was in full view of the sun that morning and the right side was gone of snow and the ice/snow on my hood just came right off, so it might be that some stuff froze when I first start cranking that made the battery ran out of juice.