engine change ecu gearbox

I bought a ecu from you a while back for a nats 2 micra as it stopped recognising the key, sorted me out thank you car was a T reg 1999 car now gone but kept ecu handy bit of kit . will it work on all distributer equipped cars no matter cc ???will it work on later coil pack cars no mater what cc ??? next question I now have a early micra 1996 it does not have a chip in key ie no nats at all ?? 1.0 its goes very well but fancy a 1300 engine , however I had a 1300 1999 car and it seemed hardly any faster , was faster in forth than fifth !!! is this normal or did I have a bad one ?? grass track racers tell me you want a 1300 engine with a 998 box ?? is that the solution ?? I have bought blind a 1997 micra auto with knackered auto box can I use that engine and fit a manual box to it ?? I expected it to have no nats on it like my 1996 one but it has a chipped key will that cause issues when / if I fit engine in my non nats car ?? been told auto engines are less bhp ?? been told also things like blank off rev limiter on dizzy , seems simple , fit primera injectors ?? fit primera air box ?? fit primera throttle body , can you tell me the best combination to use with 1300 engine / injectors air box throttle body etc etc . I have just bought a 2001 1400 se to tide me over winter , and to see what the 1400 is like however no body seems to bother with the 1400 are they no good ?? thanks for your help