Blog: Enduro Rally K11 Project

Hi all im a new member to the forum. I've recently purchased a k11 1998 Micra Si to prepare for Endurance/stage rallying. I've been involved in motorsport for around the last 6 years or so. Namely rallying Peugeots.


Not too much has been done to the car yet and i'm yet to think up a name.

I look foward to your feedback and hope you enjoy my blog.
Ok over the last week or two i've been trying some welding. I bought the car as an MOT fail. The main failures being due to corrosion.

I got myself a Mig from Machine Mart and cracked on.

The corrosion

As you can see that is shot!! More of the same on the inner sill.

Cleaned up and tryed my first bit of welding....

That was pretty pants really, the welds were poor and didnt penetrate. So i removed the lot and started AGAIN!


I was happier with this, still some welding to be done across the top of this particular repair but im getting there with the mig but am deffo NO pro!! Luckly its well hidden so nobody will see it...
Well for MOT needs brake lines and tyres, other sill panel requires some attention. Brake lines i'll get braided through car and tyres i'll be buying some to use on enduros. Bit mythed with what suspension setup to use TBH! Hopefully will be buying the cage end of January.

1.3 Si 1998


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you'll have a difficult job to restore, ai force in the project

I dont think it will be too difficult???

Good idea to do all that work now, whilst your at it, if you can get the front gearbox lever support bit off, long bit that runs from front lower cross member and holds rear engine mount off, thats a weak point and will need a support plate welding in, let me know if you want more info about it.
Are you going to run vented front discs?
Let me know about buying the cage end of January.

As for suspension set up, billys are the best, full stop. but hard to get hold of. Then I'd say spax followed by Avo, I hate Avo and would never buy a set again because I had a brand new strut give on the first stage of the essex charity stages, not happy!

If you want to know what the best spring rates to use are, then let me know.
As you prob know I've got a micra for competition too and I'd like to tap in to your experience if that's ok? What are the spring rates you like? and what is the mod you do to the brace underneath? I've got it off now to make a solid engine mount.


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Yes sure no problem, are you running coilovers on the front? PM me your email and i'll send you photos of the mod, good idea in making a solid engine mount!