EMERGENCY: Only key has broken in the door, how can I get it out?

So, I have 2 keys for my K11. One opens the boot & passenger door, the other opens the drivers door and fits the ignition. It was on my list of things to do to get the locks changed and get multiple copies, but stupidly I haven't done it yet.

The drivers side/ignition key has broken in the door, and my car's stuck in the middle of my drive.

Pics of the key to give an idea or where it broke and what is stuck, second key is for boot/passenger door as a reference

I've managed to lock the car, so as long as somebody doesn't get hold of my half of the key it's safe.

Is there a way I can go about removing the lock to retrieve the other half of the key and get it remade? If not what's my plan of attack, I'm pretty much stuck right now.

Help would be much appreciated! :D

I managed to get the door card out without much hassle, now I have the lock barrel out, but can't get the key bit out. I've moved it along the barrel, but it's stuck behind the little flap at the end that seals the barrel.

Once again, I'm stuck. Any ideas?
Right, got the key out! Everything's put back together properly (I hope) and the car is safe and secured.

NOW, how do I go about getting a replacement key(s)? This is all I have to work with :(