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Hi There,

Nissan Micra K11 1.3 Super S. I went to start it the other day after a few weeks and obviously it wouldn't start. I jump started it and this worked but after a while it slowly died. No amount of revs would keep the engine running. The AA came out and took a look at it and it turned out to be the battery (dead cell) and an alternator issue.

Since then I have obtained a new battery and a second hand alternator from Jap parts (just waiting for it to be fitted). However I have fitted the new battery and expected most of the electrics to work on the car. However with a brand new battery fitted none of the interior lights or electronics work without the engine running. Start the engine and after a while the lights, hazards and interior lights come on. Turn the engine off again and try them again and they don't work.

Can't think what would be causing this to happen, does anybody have any ideas??

No with the new battery I can start the car without jumping it. Then after a few seconds of running interior lights, etc will start working. I don't think it is fuse related as if they were gone surely they wouldn't work either way.



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sounds very odd eh matt !
the starter and alternator have a large constant live eh (2 fat white ones iirc) maybe a dirty contact somewhere ?
It is odd :) I am going to get the alternator fitted and see if giving it a good run will help. What sort of price would you be looking at for fitting the alternator? I know there is not a lot to the job. Loosen the belt and remove the existing and replace.

Have you ever heard of any one jumping a micra wrong and frying the ECU/wiring?


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we,ve had a couple of members jump the wires backwards iirc mate, with wierd results, but i think they only blew one of the big fuses tho.
the alt is a 10 minute job really, 2 x 14mm bolts at the bottom, and 1 x 14mm one at the top :)
my 2 cars have different connectors on the alt btw, 1 has 2 nuts, and 1 has a nut and a plug
Cheers, do you happen to know what fuses they might be? I have a feeling this may be the issue. I attached the cables wrong the first time but never jumped it. It just sparked a bit.

I think this might be the electronic issue. I have read around and some people have had issue with jumping cars wrong, where stuff dies. I will look into this but hopefully the fuses will of saved anything vital.

What a cock up. :) Yeah the alternator I have is three bolts a nut and plug, 1993 alternator.


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any damage will probably depend on the voltage of the stock battery eh, if it still had some voltage it would arc like mad and protect the system, but if it was totally flat it would allow the reverse polarity into the system i guess.
and there are 3 main fuses on mine iirc (near the batt) a green and 2 brown ?
Hi Frank,

I have just looked at the main fuses by the battery and like yours I have one green and two brown. There is also a fourth which is black (FL56A BATT). I presume this fuse is related to the battery somehow.

Looking at this fuse it looks like it has blown (It is rattling). I am new to this and have not seen this fuse. I assume you can pick up a new one from halfords or somewhere. What do you think?
Does the K11 have any fusable link fuses? Are they built into the back of the live battery terminal or are the only fuses under the bonnet in the fuse box?
Hi Frank,

I have changed the black 65 amp fuse under the bonnet and this seems to be the cause. At the moment everything seems to be all good. This fuse would explain the issue.

The starter motor has a direct feed to the battery which is why when the car started the electrics worked, they were being run off the alternator. Now with this fuse replaced they work all the time.

Thanks for all your help frank.