Electrical problems? Indicator/no audio/headlight out? Help welcome!

Hi Folks, I'm new here and need help (in general, but mostly with my car!!) 😂. I have an X reg Nissan micra 1.0.

I don't know if there is some kind of electrical fault or shortening happening but I am getting weird faults all at once. First my left indicator light starting going at double speed. Then the next day this has returned to normal and my audio has stopped working. There is no sound coming from my stereo (not the original micra one but one I have had for years with no problems), no matter whether I try cd or radio or how much I turn up the volume. At the same time, hubby has also noticed I have a headlight bulb out on the passenger side. I only just fitted brand new bulbs a couple of weeks ago for the mot, I'm not sure how long it's been out.

Could these be related? I tried a new audio fuse in the fusebox to no avail. As a side note, I have an engine that judders and pulls backwards for the first ten minutes of a drive when the engine management light is off, but that works when the engine management light comes back on, which it does intermittently! I suspect this may be related to a relay I replaced being faulty or not as good as it should be.

Time to sell it?!? 😂 Any ideas welcome for what's going on! Thank you 😁
If your indicator is flashing twice as fast as normal, it means that one of your indicator bulbs has gone out. Since it's back to working now, I'd imagine the issue was either a loose connection at the bulb which a decent sized pothole/speedbump has shifted back, or a rusty connection in the fusebox.

Given how many things are broken at once, I'd lean more towards the rusty fuse box connections idea, or even just a loose wire somewhere. These aren't the sort of difficult to find electrical gremlins that I'd get rid of the car over though.

Consider cleaning up the connections on the engine-bay fusebox with a wire brush, and then coat them with some electrical grease to prevent the freshy exposed metal from getting tarnished again

as for the engine light, see if it fixes it when you've done that, if not it may be a separate issue that you'll need a code reader to figure out