Eek! Sudden clutch problem!

Just 25 yards from home, so that's good anyway. I sat in, moved off, clutch in for 2nd gear, a bang and the pedal disappears! On closer examination the cable is un-hooked from the clutch actuating lever and does not move if I lift the pedal by hand. Pedal stays up or down where I leave it from inside the car. Pulling the cable from the engine end does not move it. New cable? I would have imagined I could pull the cable from the engine end if it's busted, but then, what would I know? Oh, and it's a 2002 model. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.
All the rhd k11 clutch cables are the same, Sounds your probs snapped?
Check it's connected at both ends and see if it moves , otherwise it's snapped
Turns out, the plastic bit that hooks onto the pedal itself snapped, it has been replaced with a new cable that has a metal connector. I'm now told clutch is so heavy to operate, a new clutch is on the cards soon. Oh dear.
Quote: “I'm now told clutch is so heavy to operate; a new clutch is on the cards soon”.

My last 18 year old K11 developed a very stiff to operate clutch that drove ok.

A new cable & lubricating the clutch operating arm & the pedal box moving parts mitigated but did not solve the problem.

Best price garage clutch replacement quote was £300, that was more than I considered the vehicle was worth at the time.

My optimal economic solution was to sell it on privately as a good runner with long MOT & I got £550 cash for it!

I then bought privately, another 1300cc 4-door K11 on 35K miles with a year’s MOT with all invoices documented FSH & old MOTs audit paper trail from new for £500 cash!

Happy K11 days with no problems for the last 3 years, just an oil & filter change & a £6 DIY CV boot change, then straight through the MOTs with no further issues.

Happy K11 days are truly here again, long may it continue for another 3 to 5 years or more?

Every cloud can be an opportunity to improvise, adapt & overcome any snag.

That’s what I call a result?

Good luck. :)