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Eddie's Mighty Micra

Howdy all!
Had my micra for a few months now, been meaning to make a blog about her for a while now, only just getting around to get off my ass and do it!
First car I've ever owned, was definitely surreal when I went to pick her up! Had a long train journey to get her, had my friend Ryan to keep me company (he runs Ryan's Micra Blog)
I was and still am awful at remembering to take photos so all cred goes to Ryan again!
The first photo taken, decided she felt like an Ellie about a month ago after trying to decide.

She's pretty high spec: sunroof; electric windows; pop-out rear windows; key-less fuel flap, even rear parking sensors which I didn't even knew was an option. All she doesn't appear to have are front fogs, electric mirrors and a spoiler. All of those are being planned for though!

When I helped Ryan with his engine swap for the first part; was bloody cold!

Just a couple artsy photos that still bring a tear to my eye.


Managed to find some real imported March tail lights (on the right) and get them fitted.

Decided I wanted to change the interior light colour to green to match the new radio I put it. With my mate's help we foiled up the centre console to really get it bright.
Also changed the lights in the dash to match it, all leds so they're super bright.

Repainting some of the door trim so it's nice and blaaaack. Featuring a cat.

Fitted these bad boys next. Proper imported power folding mirrors which almost match the body colour, that's another mission to repaint them.

Have to be repping the OG don't I. Also get to see the new steering wheel off an Almera, I like black...

My horn wasn't working when I bought her, so had to try figure out where it was broken and fix her! Wanted some nicer horns so got these, apparently 135dB and after hearing them they sound it.
There was a problem with the wires leading out to the horns so had to wire them up separately. Found another problem with the coiled ribbon cable that's connected to the steering column so had to bodge wires in until I can fix her or just get a new ribbon.

As we'd fitted the march tail lights there's no foglight on the backside, so to get her through her MOT we had to cut a rectangle in the bumper and wire in our own light! turned out pretty damn well even if I say so myself.

Put a first face grill on as I think they look much neater and flush.

Will be posting from now on anything new I do for her or any problems I find.
My next few things to do on her are:
repaint the mirrors
fully fix the horn ribbon cable
prep a mid spoiler that I purchased to go on for that aesthetic.
very cool. I do like the fog light install. what more do you have planned?
Well I've picked up some stock 14 inch wheels that I'm going to put on at some point later as I'm not a fan of the current Renault clio 15s! They don't even have centre caps...

First things first though what I'm trying to do at the moment is fix the clock spring in the steering column, as mine is broken. I have a replacement one attached to that weird yellowy white piece of plastic that the stalks plug into but I can't figure out how it comes off

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