ECU problems with Nissan Micra -1998 1.0 (K11)

Hi Ed... or somebody else...
I have ECU problems with Nissan Micra -1998 1.0 (K11).
For the third time I have NATS problem on my Nissan Micra -1998 1.0 l.
Every time the fault codes is 141 & 142 according to the engine check light orange blinking on the dashboard.
After all fault investigations, the ignition and spark plugs are ok, but the car will not start.
The 12 V feed (12 V supply) is ok to the fuel injectors, but the ECU is setting the fuel injectors to close off fuel and there is no earth signal to the injectors.
When spraying start gas into the throttle body the engine starts for a few seconds.
There is no problem with the keys, when the ignition is turned on the red light diode on the dashboard stop flashing.

I'm tired of towing the car to an authorized Nissan garage to reprogramming (recode) the ECU.

Ed, are you still selling modified ECUs?
BOSCH 0261 204 243 (970708)
Made in Germany 26RT7253 76708 6922 0750

Thanks in advance,