ecu location on k11 1.3lx



hay guys i have a 93 1.3lx and i have 2 questions i wounder if you could so kindly answer

1 dose it have an ecu

2 where is it located

thanks darkstar

nice site by the way


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Answers to your questions, yes it does have an ECU, everycar does, its like its brain. In the Micra I think its located behind the dashboard where the heater controls and stereo are.


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to acces it you need to remove the gear stick surround (theres two screws on the out side), then you need to prise off the gater surround and you'll seen the 3rd screw near the handbrake side (away from the dash).

Once this is removed you can remove the smaller dash section at the bottom (thats just one screw either side) - once these two parts are off you'll see the ECU. the main dash and the centre consol don't need to be touched.