ebay service kits

They are genuine, not OEM. The part numbers are mentioned in the description. We have limited stocks as they are part of a load we bought the end of last year when Nissan had a promotion for trade customers. The promotion ended at the start of January so once they are gone that will be that. We have genuine pads and discs too and we can get genuine petrol fuel filters for K11s for an extra 11 quid.
Thanks Manny! I wondered what conflict was occuring too?!

I'm certainly not slagging off OEM parts as sold by local motor factors. I'm just saying mine are the genuine ones from a Nissan dealer, the parts a Nissan dealer would fit to your car if you took it to them.

With something that doesn't cost that much anyway, wouldn't it be better to spend a couple of extra quid and get the genuine article?
I have seen some cheap and nasty stuff passed off as OEM on ebay, I suppose its oen of those things you get what you pay for! LOL!