Easy/Cheap mods

Hello All,
I a new to this whole thing.
I got my micra from my granny for super cheap with not many miles on the clock and wanted to make it my own however have a very low budget due to being a student.
I have wrapped the rear bumper and front drivers side panel and have new led light bulbs in the post along with some led strip lights.
I have replaced the wheel trims for full black and have a sub and new stereo fitted.
I really want some kind of body kit. just some side skirts and maybe front/rear bumper extension things however cant seem to find any.
Does anyone have any suggestions on super cheap aesthetic mods that i could do?
Was thinking about tinting the head lights etc and the windows.
The car is silver by the way.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the super long thread!
the upgrades i have done to my micra are

sprayed black front grill
tinted windows and all lights
lowered car
angle eye fog lights

made car look a lot better