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early electronic coil wiring .

had to remove coil when working on car. thought I'd taken a picture of wires and connections but sadly nothing found on phone! Haynes book only shows 2 wires to coil and NO polarity of coil eg + or -.. dont want blow coil or distributor module when trying to crank over .. has anybody got a picture of early K10 coil wiring I can look at? or a diagram showing polarity as well as colours of wires to coil? cant get expensive and tiem consuming getting this wrong so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 wires from distributor to coil ..2 other wires from engine loom to fit to coil so assuming 2 wires each side. issue being polarity and colours of wires. too to anybody else removing wires from coil is to take a pic or write it down and check we have saved pic!
no idea. think 2 are direct coil to dizzy and other 2 are from ignition switch and back to earth? found small blob of white market paint I had originally put on one side . so took a chance and used trace of that to wire it all up.checked with cranking and whohoo .. a spark!