Eagle Alarm (working) but alarm fob lost - any ideas how to fix/replace?

Hi again, alarm working since new and did have the alarm fob but daughter No. 3 broke it and assumed it was normal behavior to just throw it away! Not entirely sure if is a standard alarm or fitted early in it's life.

And so no alarm. Also when battery disconnected, I need put car into ignition position II when battery re-connected to stop alarm going off. That's not such a deal but took a week to find out how to avoid and start it!!!

Ideally would like to get current fitted alarm to work again ... it seems do everything it should (or did until the fob went AWOL) ... is it possible and how please?

Worst case scenario ... how to take out the old alarm unit without causing more chaos and fit a simple unit? Again any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Car was stolen about 4 years back .... all locks crowed out, they sprayed all the interior windows black, drove it to a garage, filled up and took it on a wide!!! I'm told this is a common thing with K11's. We repaired it all back so as you wouldn't know but would like to avoid that again if we can.

It's an early 95 pre-facelift and totally standard to date.

Thanks as always in advance
Not sure where I came up with Eagle alarm, it's actually a Rapid 100. Not sure if this is a factory fit or an add on at new.

Tried looking up on-line but so far cannot find a single mention anywhere. I've attached a couple of photos ... maybe someone knows something about this? Hope so. Would be nice get it working or removed and replaced.
check with local car key cutter coders. A few mobile people about too now days
Hi R-reg-sr, I have the key set ... mind could do with a set of copies, we only have one mixed set. It's the alarm remote that is the problem ... it was separate from the car key.

I've posted photos of the alarm ... not sure if is factory fit or after market. More I look at it, I'd think after market but fitted when car was new. I'm not even sure how easy it is to remove the old unit altogether and maybe get a cheap modern one fitted ... more for mobiliser than alarm side really.

Anybody know of any folks they could recommend to look at alarms in the Shropshire area and indeed same for copy keys.