Dual USB port added for phone charging


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Finally got round to fitting a charging port to the K12 today. I got this for the princely sum of £2.99 from an ebay seller in the Phillipines.
USB outlet.jpg

It arrived today (after only a couple of weeks) so fitted it straight away. :cool:
The lower dash panel to the right of the steering wheel had a spare switch position so fitted it there...
USB outlet fitted.jpg

I used one of these piggy back fuse holders to get the power feed from the fuse box directly below the panel......
USB feed fuse holder.jpg

USB port power feed.jpg

and picked up the earth from an M6 bolt that secures the OBDII socket support.
Nice I often wonder why that space was empty only thing is where do you mount the phone I would guess on the dash someplace that's handy right