Drove Home In This...


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And I hated every second, basicly my cars getting the gear stick cable made tighter, as its just had a new one, but they let ne have this for the day. Fair play its very nice of them but, well, ITS CRAP! its so slow and just generaly crap, the interior is shabby and...YOU know my opinuns..lol

IS this a rubbish car, or are they all like this? Maybe the Bigger one's are better, but I wont be planning on a Rover any time soon after driving this thing. Dont get me wrong, maybe I am being a bit hateful towards it, but they are deffo old peoples car's, whats this the Wood effect everywhere??!?!...lol



Rover like the use of wood. I remember being in a 214, was quite fast but something wasnt right, as it had two or three blowouts in the space of a few weeks. The one above does look like a 50+ car


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its not even wood though its sticky back plastic, you have to go back 30 years to see real wood in a rover.


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lol, I don't care, its crap, I've Driven, a 106 Quiksilver, Micra K10,K11, Colt 1.6 ELX, Spacewagon 2.4, Almera 1.6 SRI, Saxo VRT, Suzuki Swift and My 1.8 Punto HGT (Best lol) :D

And yes, that Rover is the worst... Most are Jap Though...lol

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Something isn't right with that, the 1.4 K-Series are either 84bhp or 102bhp and very quick cars for their size, even the 1.1's are fairly willing.