Blog: Driving School and 12 Car Rally Micra

Hi all,

Having driven all sorts of lovely flashy motors and then having to suffer the evils that is divorce, i thought i would trade up and start up my driving school again, so bought a k11 Micra (1998 1.0 profile) without tax or test, thinking it would just be a good cheap tool.... boy was i wrong it flew through its test needing only minor bits doing, n now i love it, how can you beat these cars pound for pound, all my pupils love it, and i have so much fun in it.

Unfortunately the lack of power has started to get me down so now the body work is all up to a reasonable standard the engine is coming out to be replaced with a 1.3 as soon as i get a free weekend away from pupils and my day job.

Hopefully..... there will be some pictures if i have done this right of the car as it has evolved so far, the intention is buy a k12 soon to teach in and this car can then move more toward the navigation events i wanna use it in, already the i have upgraded to 14" steels (so i can get bigger sunny/pulsar brakes), cross member has been replaced, as i say engine should be changing this weekend hopefully. any thoughts and ideas on the best suspension to use for road rally's would be helpful, was thinking of KONI's and whiteline stuff but wot does everyone else think??

looks to be in good condition richie looks like a clean car. so you gonna make this into a rally car? and get a k12 to to do driving school in.

yeah that is the plan, hoping to buy a k12 in the summer, and then next winter strip and rebuild this one, it is now rust free and a non sunroof model so will form the ideal base :) just need to start accumulating all the little bits n pieces i will need, plus as anything breaks in the mean time it will be upgraded as it is replaced.... or that is the plan!!
Dunno if gonna be spending alot of money is the right words.... already am spending the hard earned:grinning:

thanks for the encouragement though


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I got my 10yr old son to do the relay on the wife's micra, little hands no

I must say your car looks in great nic though,pretty much the same colour as the wife's 01 plate,maybe a shade darker.
Cheers, i didnt have the help of small hands, just unbolted the dash in the end so it could move just enough to get my fat mitts in :) yeah its not in bad nick, photos are very kind too it to be fair, needs a little paint on passenger front wing n around drivers door handle and it will be better, not doing that till engine is swapped in case anything gets knocked or scratched :)
hey sorry for the delay in posting everything kinda went mental and i have been rushed off my feet, to the extent that since feb the poor car has clocked up another 12000 miles... mainly trouble free, it has now been replaced by a modern and completely characterless car for driving school duties.

i will be taking some pics of the car to post this week hopefully, but the plan now is to have some fun doing road rallys in her so i am on the look out for sump guard, suspension goodies and a set of alloys, if any one knows where there are some lurking :)

unfortuantely the mileage has taken its toll on the 1300 engine that was transplanted, and it has started using a bit of water..... no obvious signs of leaks no mayo in the oil n no sign of oil in the water any ideas?? planis to take the head of n skim and replace all gaskets.

anyone with any tips or advice for strengthening and adding reliability will be welcomed
spot on cheers peter, think ill be out with the welder adding a few strengthening plates, :) then itll b out with the regs to see how light we can go and how much we can strip out for the local 12 car events :)