Driving light extensions

Hi All, I have been thinking about fitting LED Fog/Driving lights to the front of my car, my K11 1998 shape model does not have the holes in the bumper to except the lights , so I want to fit them to the top of my bumper. I have seen another k11 in my neightbourhood fitted with lights on the bumper, but mine are black large and aluminum 9 leds and heavy duty. The wiring is simply two wires from the lights black & red , Black earth/ red live as I had these fitted to my citroen 2CV & were very bright in the fog and driving on country roads at night. And I was think of by passing the main wiring loom & fitting them to the battery with a inline fuse & going through one of the rubber blank plugs ( part of the air con which was not fitted) on the bulk head then to a switch attached to the dashboard blanks next to the hazard warning light switch and the black wire going to earth on the body. What are your thoughs about my plan?? Yours Peter0003


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Better wiring bet would be to have the positive power feed interupted by a relay (normally open contacts)whose coil is driven by a tapping from the side light power feed, with the dashboard switch (illuminated) in that low current feed from the side light to the relay coil. That way the high current feed from the battery would be relay switched, the switch on the dash is only switching the low current relay feed and the extra lights can only be operated with the side lights illuminated....... (and you only need to get two thin wires through the bulkhead to the switch). Definitely fit a suitable in line fuse in the high current feed from the battery to the relay switching contacts.