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Driveshaft trouble and lack of oil...

got engine started and stopping no problem..

Now didfferent issue in the way of the passenger (short shaft) won't go fully into the gearbox... it goes in but I know it's supposed to "click" when the metal clip sits in the groove in the diff which at the moment isn't happening.

Any ideas?? The car is on axle stands and I have tried with a bit of 2x4 at the side of the car on the edge of the diff cv joint to tap it in but nothings happening..

As a result... oil is p****** out everywhere...
have found the problem... all the bearings with the splines to put the shaft in have fallen inside the diff... is this normal?

Needless to say I am really f***ed off bigstyle after spending all weekend doing the swap and now half of it has to come back out again!


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thats why they say to shove a stick or roll of cardboard into the diff sockets eh :doh: the planet gears are only held by a concave washer, and if turned the gears drop out !
No-one told me that. Never mind... gearbox out again tomoro night, least I can see the internals of the gearbox itself and see if anythings broken inside. Shouldn't be...

Hey ho... lesson learnt for next time. :wasntme: