Driveshaft oil seal

Hi Everybody!
New here and Im a owner of an micra 2003, K12
I have replacet inner and outer driveshafts. I wonder if anyone has changed oilseal between driveshaft and transmissionhouse?
How far, the depth, should the seals be tapped in?

Regards Nicklas
To all... ..
I've fixed it and some cars can have a special depth, as it looks when you look for information online, where to place the seal, but the solution in this case is picture number 1 and then push the seal the rest of the way with your driveshaft when the shaft is placed on its right place..
Hope it will help someone... :)
Were they leaking?

Usually you tap them in until flush with the surface, on other cars anyway. I'd have thought the driveshaft would have damaged the seal if it pushed it in, you normally only tap in touching the edge of the seal.