Driver's side door lock


I'm having a problem with the door lock on my X-reg 3 door Nissan Micra K11. It's a non-central locking system. The key won't turn to lock/unlock on the driver's side, so I have to go in and out via the passenger side door. It turns just a little, then stops like it's jammed. I have tried squirting some WD-40 in but no help

I just wondered if anyone else has experience this problem before, or if people could speculate as to what could cause this problem? Could this be some major problem that will cost a lot to fix? I am hoping it's something relatively minor.

Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas!!


Brutal Honesty
I had the same problem on my Fiesta. The key turned but nothing happened. Turns out the barrel inside the lock was knackered!

I solved my problem by swapping the passenger and drivers locks around :)