Driver side door lock jammed


new to the club. We bought a stunning K11 1999 example yesterday, only 39000Miles on the clock and everything is spot on - apart from the misfire which i've read on here is the dizzy cap, easy fix...

however, i tried to lock the car today and as i turned the key it got stuck on 10 o'clock position and it wont budge!! its normally on 12 o'clock position. and now the drive side door wont lock, not even on from the inside. I've taken the door card off for further inspection and i think it may be the linkage perhaps?? and this is as far as i got, does the door need to be dismantled further to be able to properly identify this problem? but with limited tools and mechanical knowledge i am reluctant to do so as my missus depends on the car, and if i mess it up i would be in trouble! :p

any help / advice appreciated.

Ta! :)


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hey im new too and sorry if this is irrelevant now but i had exactly the same problem on my 98 K11, my dad got a mate to have a look at it and he said there was nothing wrong with the lock so he just sprayed WD40 in it or something similar and it works fine now! the keys i got with the car are both in a bit of a state witch I think was half the problem, hope this helps :)