Drive Belt Adjustment - Water Pump / Power steering Pump

Can anyone enlighten me as to how the water pump/power steering pump drivebelt is adjusted?

The Haynes manual refers to adjustment via a 'tensioner pulley', but my Micra doesn't have one - presumably because it has a power steering pump fitted.

Do you loosen the power steering pump (how?) and somehow 'lever' the pump away to adjust the tension (how?)?


2000 Micra GX Auto
Soak everything in WD40 the night before!

When you locate the 12mm bolts you need to turn to tighten the belts, if they have been neglected and the car is getting on a bit, they can snap and make you angry!


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my 93 non-PAS used the lower tensioner with the grooved pulley which pulls against the inner face of the belt, while my 98 PAS used the tensioner at top with the flat pulley which pushes against the backside of the belt.

you loosen the bolt that goes through the pulley to enable it to move up/down,
adjust tension via the longer bolt (PAS tensioner: anti-clock = more tension) (non-PAS: clockwise = more tension)
then retighten the pulley bolt to lock position
Thanks, everyone.

But I seem to have a different setup. There is no tensioner bolt anywhere that I can see. Today I tried to tension the belt by slackening what appeared to be the two pivot bolts on the power steering pump, and then trying to lever the pump outwards to tighten it - but it didn't work!

Any Nissan mechanics on the forum?

Thanks, Frank.

All the setups shown have an idler pulley. But my micra doesn't have one. The belt goes round the crankshaft pulley, the water pump pulley and the power steering pump pulley. That's it.

Only the power steering pump pulley appears moveable. But I can't figure out how!


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the tensioner pulley is under the PAS pump and is easier to spot from underneath or popping the right plastic splash guard off (not the wheel arch lining)
Success at last!

Today I drove the Micra up onto ramps. After much contortion (!), and the use of mirrors, I was able to locate an adjustment slot and associated tensioner bolt on the steering pump mounting bracket. (To locate, from above, place a small mirror just above the steering pump pulley, and ‘look’ towards the centre of the engine bay).

In case anyone else has a problem, this is the procedure that I used to adjust the water pump drive belt (for models with power steering and without an idler pulley):

· Slacken the two pivot bolts at the base of the steering pump mounting bracket (access from below).
· Slacken the nut that goes through the adjustment slot (access from above).
· Use the tensioner bolt to adjust the belt (clockwise to tighten – access from below).
Tighten all the bolts.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help.
I need to replace the water pump belt on my old Nissan Micra 1.0L 1999 with Power Steering but no Air Con.

I have followed the steps below:

1. Slacken the two pivot bolts at the base of the steering pump mounting bracket (access from below).
2. Slacken the nut that goes through the adjustment slot (access from above).
3. Use the tensioner bolt to adjust the belt (clockwise to tighten – access from below).

Steps 1 and 2 I have done above okay.

But I am a little confused on Step 3 above. I have adjusted the tensioner bolt (anti-clockwise) so the bolt sticks out about 1 inch but the power steering pulley does not want to move. I can not seem to budge the power steering pulley wheel and move it so it slackens the water pump belt and enable me to take the belt off and put the new belt on.

Any suggestions on what I might have missed or do I need more brute force to push the power steering pulley so it slackens the belt or is there another bolt I need to remove ?

See attached photo on where I am.


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Don't want to revive this post but I have rid of the ac compressor to make room for intercooler boostpipe etc I cant figure out how I would get a belt onto there an idler isn't the way but if removed it rubs on an engine mount and no adjuster on the alternatornow I have a shortened belt any ideas I can get pictures tomorrow if needed
Another K11 with no Idler pulley is sitting outside my garage.

I am halfway through fitting a new water pump and have slackened all the water pump pulley bolts before trying to remove the PAS/Water pump belt.

Trying being the word of the day.
The tensioner bolt plays a bloody good game of hide and seek up by the oil filter but it turned and is now moving freely it turns by hand.
However the pump itself has no free movement at present.
I slackened the pivot bolts and levered against the belt with no movement taking place.

Taking out the pivot bolts still gave no movement on the PAS pump.

This is a standard factory configuration as I ordered the pump and belts from Autodoc using the registration number and they are the same size as the ones I took off.

In frustration I chopped the old belt off and swung on the pump from above and below, still no movement.
Its as though there is another clamp bolt hiding in there somewhere?

This is the tensioner bolt, a 12mm shiny bolt, I think its the only shiny bolt on the whole car.
Not sure if its the right way up, the phone got confused and I got out from under ASAP, there is a constant rain of rust and spider poo under there.

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Closing the loop, here is the answer to all of the above