Door Lock problem.

Hello Experts.

There are a lot of problem regarding to door lock issue but if you don't mind i will ask one more question.
Recently i bought second hand used Nissan March (other name is Micra as you know) K12, after i had got the car i realized that driver side and back passanger side doors' lock sometimes not work with keyless remote FOB.

i don't think that problem is with FOB because remaing two doors' lock functioning properly.

for problematic doors:

1- problem does not happen all time, sometimes i can locked all doors with remote keyless FOB or with key
2- if the problem exist , i am able to lock driver side door by using key in normal way, (inserting key into door and turn it ) but not passenger side door,
3- if the problem exist , only way to get locked the passanger side door, open it, change the direction of lock indicator to "locked" position and then close it .

what part of the lock system is faulty ? , what do you offer for the solution

your answers will be highly appreciated.
Thanx in advance, Regards.
Had this problem when i just got my car sprayed lock mechanism with WD40 twice a day for three days a week later locks are firing like a gun salute
WD40 was already used for lock mechanism but did not work ,
i have replaced both door lock actuators with second hand used ones .
now problem solved . & iam happy
my locks began siezing again considering using aftermarket ones.... much cheaper just a little bit more techical to install. P.S challenge accepted... will post pics of the build once I get started