Door clip size

Hi I'm looking to replace some of the clips that hold the interior door trim in place c101 to be specific.
Need to know the size a quick link to some that will fit for this.
Only one isn't clipping in and I hear a slight thud as a close the door.
Also its making rattle when the speaker is turned up.
It might be okay to glue it back onto the trim as I'm unsure why its not clipping back in but thought I best get some because I'm going to be working on the panels at some point.
So might as well get a few spares.
Any help or advice would be nice
Had a look to see what type and are two types in sure it's the one nearest the hinges at bottom.
Any how these are the dimension of the clip.
Found easy on flea bay I can just get a few or look for a pack that includes this item..
The one in the image is number 10