Door Card Removal

Hi all,
I'm going in......Do you guys have any tips for taking the door cards off my 4 door K10 ?
I once did the same on a Citroen and broke most of the pins and polystyrene mould :wasntme:
On my Micra with the Vinyl door trims, you just pull in a circle around the edges, moving inwards and inwards until it's all loose. Remove the window winder and door handle and you're away. However, if you have a higher range model (Mine IS only an L spec), then I don't know. I gave up trying to get them off of an SGL model where my new seats came from, so it's an un-noticable mismatch.
Yes sorry mines an LS with vinyl trim....How do you get the winder off ? and whats behind the vinyl trim is it a membrane and is this remove/replacable ? Thanks
To get the winder off there is a round wire clip at the end picbelow is an example

see the paper clip type thing on the winder it needs to pop off first.

you could try and slide a knife or something behind to get at it.