donny site map



has anyone got a site map of donny show,showing where all the clubs stands,trade stalls will be?
would like to see how big its going to be :D

also is there only one way in?...i know at doncaster they used different gates for entry

micra man

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Taken from the donny show website. Not sure where we are in there though, hope its a decent place though. :D



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hope are nice shiny cars are not next to the off road track lol otherwise we might get a little dirty!!


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RIK said:
we will be in the car park lol
We are in fact in a pretty good location going on the map I have. Our stand location is I25. LOL near the off raod bit though!

See uploaded map for location


micra man

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Looks pretty good!!! As long as we aint hidden by the exhibition area and off road track hehe. :D Should be kool though, looks right in the middle of the action... woo!!! ;)