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is there gunna be a stand at donny next year and when do you have to let them know that you want your car in,or do people organising a club stand sort it all out.I know it costs £20 to get in like last year.


Micra K11ng
Won't be up till closer to the show probally. Its the 16th and 17th of April this year, and its in Derby. If your on the stand - entry is free.


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The MSC already has it's stand booked next year for 10 cars, I will be contacting members for stand places nearer the time.

If your on the stand, then entry is NOT free, it's £30 per driver and £25 per passenger for a weekend pass.

Kev :)

micra man

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Aye, should be good next year. Looking forward to it already lol, even though its further for me to go.