Does the K11 use OBD OR OBD2

I was wondering because I'm looking to see if i can find any standalone ECUs to put in my K11. But I don't know if it is OBD or OBD2?

Can someone help.
It's OBD 1 you can get adapters to the new OBD 2 but if you are going to tune the car then the best thing you can do is put a programmeable ECU in so you are free to mess with it and should be the standerd OBD 2
Sorry for the very late responses, i havent been very active here. my micra is a 1997 model. s reg. it uses a distributor not coil packs. from reading other replies, i might be able to gauge that mine is obd1?
edit: i havent looked to see if is an obd1/2. i will try to look tomorrow
edit 2: i have looked and found that its an obd1 connector. thanks for the help!
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Hi everyone,
My car is from 2002 and it has this port...

My obd2 scanner doesn't fit in this port...what adaptor should I buy? Is this a obd1 port??