Does anyone know a K11 Micra Guru

Hello there. I have had trusty and loyal service from my 1999 1.3 Micra for many years now.

About 3 months ago I noticed it occasionally cut out when coming to stop or idling. It work fine most of the time so I was not too concerned. The problem then became more noticable as I started to experience shuddering or juddering and obvious loss of power when trying to accelerate. This would not happen on every journey sometimes, not for a couple of weeks.

Last week after starting it and driving off the problem ocurred again, worse than before. I was unable to keep the revs up whilst trying to drive it back, with it eventually stalling at a junction just after the red light came on. Unable to restart it, I called the AA who towed me home. Next day it started and ran ok but I tried it again later that day and the juddering started again and it would nt start. The local garage have been unable to do any diagnostic testing as it predates their equipment.

I am now at a stage where I am unable to dare drive it and feel totally lost on how to resolve the problem. Does anyone know of a Micra expert, who has experience with this type of thing and would be able to come out to help find and resolve the problem.

I am in Hornchurch Essex. Thank you so much for any consideration and help you can offer.



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I don't profess to know anything about K11's but the symptoms you describe lead me to think that you have a throttle body problem, possibly due to the throttle position sensor?