Dodgy starter

Hi everyone
My 94 Dot has decided to not start properly in the past fortnight. Instead of starting instantly, for the first few goes the starter motor spins and doesn't turn the engine over at all. The next few goes it makes a screechy/grating sound (like when you accidentally turn the igntion key too far when the engine is running). Then after attracting enough attention in car parks it then starts normally.
Does this sound like the starter is on its way out and would i be best buying a recon starter £70 ish from local factor or risk a scrapper unit?
If it helps, the battery shows 12.84volts, so maybe it doesn't have enough power and needs to be replaced?
Anyone got any ideas?


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it sounds like a sticking solenoid on the starter, not that common, you must be unlucky. just get one from a scrappy, it should be fine. ask them if you can get a refund/exchange if it doesn't work (most will agree to this).
My mrs. had this exact problem on her k11 1.0 (93). My mechanic friend took the starter motor out and cleaned it up, it's worked spot on ever since. This was over a year and a half ago.
Does anyone who has access to the car tend to ride the clutch? Fibres from it can clog the starter and cause it to stick... give em a slap! :grinning:
I took the starter off- the pinion end was black with soot-like dirt. I cleaned it off with petrol, then sprayed lots of wd40 whilst moving the pinion in and out with a screwdriver. Dried it off, put it back (my god, the left hand bolt is a sod to undo and do up again...). It works like normal again now, so touch wood that is all it was. Thanks for your replies