Do all K12 micra have a pollen filter?

Today I serviced the 09 micra, have replaced the spark plugs and air filter, both of which looked like they had not been changed for 35,000 miles! But came to replacing the pollen filter and there doesn't seem to be one.

Having removed the glove box, but there doesn't seem to be a pull out bit as in the videos. There does seem to be mentioned an area that should be cut out, but is that for the K12?

Thank you for the help.
My Jap CR14 definitely has one, but my mechanic replaced it during a service so I can't tell you where its located, I'm sure your local dealer or mechanic will point you in the right direction (they can't charge you for a phone call, why not just give Nissan a call?)
Here is a photo of the heatre
The pollen filter of my micra is under the glove box when it was not converted yet but now its beside the accelerator pedal