DIG-S Acenta speakers

Hi guys
Soon I am getting my new Acenta and I was wondering if it is possible to mount additional speakers.
The Tekna has 6 and Acenta has 4 - shouldn't there be 2 holes left for som extra speakers?
Is the std. radio capable of supporting all 6 speakers?

Best regards

Hi Christian,

Usually the Micras come fitted with 4 large speakers as stock, 2 front doors and 2 rear doors.
The premium versions have 4 large speakers and 2 tweeters, 2 + 2 front doors and 2 rear doors.
I have the version with 6 total speakers (2+2) +2 and they sound not very brilliant. The front ones are ok but the back ones are really bad and underpowered.
Horrible, even with the high end Nav multimedia versions, as I have, the sound is bad and there are not many settings to adjust it for a better experience.
The front speakers are 16 cms and the rear ones are 13cms. (not 100% sure for the back ones, best to open the door and check the size prior purchasing new ones)
What improved the sound of this system is the 12" subwoofer that I've fitted. I connected this to the back speakers via High-to-Low Converter that goes to a kenwood amplifier and now it sounds better but eats half of the trunk space, which was small in the 1st place.
What I would do is remove the original audio line and fit an aftermarket player with some nice speakers with high sensitivity. High sensitivity = louder sound/watt.

Hope that this helped.
Kind regards,