Diff bearings


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Just had my problem diagnosed by a few garages, they all say my diff bearing has gone, so my gearbox is the problem, not my clutch thrust bearing.

Is it easier/cheaper to replace the bearing? Or is it easier to replace and entire gearbox?


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the cost of a new diff bearing & getting a gearbox shop to press em in costed me £45

a spare gearbox from ebay is from £90

i removed the gearbox & diff myself (brought my own crane for £70 on ebay) (crane hire are like £40 1st day + £20 per day + £23 delivery)

I'd find out why the bearings damaged. normal high milage wear & tear? lack of oil from leakage? are other parts of the gearbox damaged?

garage labour wise, just swapping the gearbox is obviously easier/faster/cheaper but the spare gearbox isn't guaranteed to be in better condition.
If ur certain its just the diff bearing, replacing the bearings would ensure it won't cause an issue soon and might be cheaper.

get several quotes for swapping entire boxes vs disassembling the box & replacing the bearings.