definitive fix for a red chip key nats k11 micra (cg10or cg13 engine) with nats / immobiliser problems.

Hi, you can fit an earlier non-nats ecu, swap around a few wires and you're done. Most of the people in this forum refer to Ed from fusion motorsports for a solution, but Ed his info is no longer online, his micra links on his website are dead and he doesn't respond to emails. I've spent some time trying to fix this exact same issue, and have fixed it 100%.

This "fix" is for the micra with the key with the red chip in it, and the non-coilpack engine with the single distributor.

Get an early ecu (the oblong one, not a square one) that fits your engine (either cg10 or cg13).

On the engine loom (so on the plug to the ecu) switch over these wires:
switch pin 106 to pin 104
switch pin 12 to pin 36
switch pin 31 to pin 22
switch pin 40 to pin 30

After this your car will not have an immobiliser anymore but you can still use your old keys.

you can send some thanks to => I've spent considerable time on this, but would like to share the knowledge (unlike some!)

k11 nats to no-nats conversion.png

If you have an australian car, you can just plug in a non-immobilised ecu and it will just work!
Yep that works. You can also solder those pins together with some wiring in the ecu itself to make it work on both nats and non nats looms. (That’s the way I’ve done it a few times for others)


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thanks for the info. im facing a situation where the seller wouldnt let me take car away, so i left with a key being assured it had 2 . the other key it seems is half a key. it was left in the glove box. if that is the only key , i dont know how they got into the car without it. all very fishy. still cant help smiling when i see one of these tootling along the road.
thanks for letting everybody know how to steal a k11🤪

are there side effects to be expected with @.Maarten solution? wiring 2 lanes together usually isn't good for circuits is it? 🤔

PS: what's with Ed? he's the guy i came here for. gotta ask about some ECU tuning stuff:(
lot of lanes arent connected in the ecu itself
What about the Immobilliser itself, now it's connected straight to the other lines aswell...🤔

Nonetheless I tried the soldering method with a spare ECU. Works! (as far as i can tell) now... is there a lane unconnected, that gets more horsies? just kidding:giggle: i know there are 20+20 Pins for nistune🤓
The immobilizer is in the ecu on the nats ecu's. So a non nats ecu doesnt have a immobilizer in it. The NATS line (pin 26 if i remember correctly, a pink wire) isnt used anymore.
But at least there is the key ring reader... but i guess it won't be harmed. The red NATS light in the center console is working as usual as well: blinking while turned off, and stops blinking when the enigne is running 👍
Yep that works. You can also solder those pins together with some wiring in the ecu itself to make it work on both nats and non nats looms. (That’s the way I’ve done it a few times for others)
This is fantastic information but I don’t think I have the skill set to be able to carry out the work for this, Is there any where you know that could do this for me?
You can easily repin the loom. You only need a small screwdriver for this.
Thanks for your help on this, I’ve managed to fix the check engine light, or at least stop it from flashing!
I’ve got other issues now whilst trying to get it started. So I’ll start a new thread for this
Salut, vous pouvez installer un ancien écu non-nats, échanger quelques fils et vous avez terminé. La plupart des gens de ce forum se réfèrent à Ed de fusion motorsports pour une solution, mais Ed ses informations ne sont plus en ligne, ses liens micra sur son site Web sont morts et il ne répond pas aux e-mails. J'ai passé du temps à essayer de résoudre exactement le même problème et je l'ai résolu à 100%.

Ce "correctif" est pour le micra avec la clé avec la puce rouge dedans, et le moteur sans coilpack avec le distributeur unique.

Procurez-vous un premier écu (oblong, pas carré) adapté à votre moteur (cg10 ou cg13).

Sur le faisceau moteur (donc sur la prise vers l'ecu) inverser ces fils :
basculer la broche 106 sur la broche 104
basculer la broche 12 sur la broche 36
basculer la broche 31 sur la broche 22
basculer la broche 40 sur la broche 30

Après cela votre voiture n'aura plus d'antidémarrage mais vous pourrez toujours utiliser vos anciennes clés.

vous pouvez en envoyer grâce à => J'ai passé un temps considérable là-dessus, mais j'aimerais partager les connaissances (contrairement à certains !)

k11 conversion nats en non-nats.png

Si vous avez une voiture australienne, vous pouvez simplement brancher un écu non immobilisé et cela fonctionnera !
Bonjour, savez vous ou je pourrais trouver un Ecu non NATS ?? Auriez-vous une photo pour illustrer la forme du boitier qu'il faut choisir ?
Merci. Julien