Debadging and Debumpering!

Afraid I'm a complete newbie, this seems like the cheapest way to improve the look of my celebration K11! Just wondered what's the easiest way of doing it! And what holds on the door bumpers on a 2000 3-door? Cheers :D Btw sorry If I don't reply on holiday for a couple of weeks! :D
to remove the front bumper
lift the car to may unscrew the bolts under the fender.
have to remove the plastic cover over the tire.
remove the headlights(3 bolts) and remove the clips under the headlight


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I think he means the bump strips along the doors.

If so, there just glued on, so heat them up and use some dental floss or an old guitar string and run it under and pull the strip off and then clean up the glue left behind.
Awesome! Came back from California yesterday to find a filthy car that wouldn't start! Looks like my bank holiday is sorted! xD Gonna get those strips of while I'm at it :D Got myself a Darwin fish and a mascot for the car :D (Domo Japanese bear/monster character). Anyone had experience of attaching stuffed toys to a car? :L What works best? (Y) For the replies!