death to the NATS!!!

got your attention? just a wee story...
about a micra off the road for a long time.
my car was suffering stuttering acceleration a while ago - especially uphill.

1. rac guy comes to sort it, got it going again - change the fuel filter and disable the immobiliser, says he.
2. change the fuel filter, then the car refuses to start - rac agiain, tow to house.
3.tow to garage, they mess about for ages , then say '' ecu''.
4. an ecu was bought from ed, of fusion motorsport, then the car runs perfectly again.
5. here's what i think caused it:
the heater matrix sprang a leak, then was replaced with a new one.
the fluid from the heater slowly leaked down the wires to the ecu, burning out 3 connection pins at the ecu.
this is what caused the ecu to fail and shut down the car.
bingo ! i now have a car that starts good, minus immobiliser, as the new ecu has no connections to the immobiliser - pins taken away.
the radio is dead, but i can miss that easy!
just another NATS

ps in the process i got 2 new fuel pumps , anybody interested?
i live in crawley.

Scouse boy

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Ths is exactly what happened to me mate, think i posted something similar about 3 months ago....not good is it?!? :(



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good story
remind me of when lassie had got robbed and had to make (find own)way home
true sterio can be wired up seperate later
nice endin!!