Dead Starter? 2002 k11

Hi guys,

my girlfriends car decided it didn’t want to start again after driving to work today ( 2002 Nissan Micra k11 petrol 1.0l)

We bump started it to get it home, but it won’t start on the key.

The car has power, the battery is a nice 12.5V.

Ive replaced starter motors / coil packs / solenoids etc before (on motorbikes ) so I’m looking to do this myself, but I just wanted to check a few things.

Rather than the “click” of a failed starter, the car actually tries to turnover once before stopping, as if the starter is jammed?

video here (notice to hilariously low mileage for the age of the car ! )

if it is the starter - where the hell is it on the car? I’ve searched the forum and found a few posts describing it but can’t find it myself...



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Sounds like low battery charge. How old is the battery? You could charge it first then have it tested to see if it is holding a charge. But, first & foremost, check all wiring connections to battery, starter and chassis earth strap. They must be clean & tight. The starter motor is best accessed from underneath the car and not particularly easy to remove & replace (you may need an assistant). Don't forget to observe safety precautions when jacking up and working underneath the car.

Good luck.