DD - Just joined

Hi guys,

Just joined this forum. Bought a 2002 Nissan Micra K11 1.0L Auto with 12K Miles on the clock and currently learning how to drive on the other side or the road the UK (was previously driving in Greece for decades).

Started researching a lot about these little beasts. Seems they have a very active community in general. Already found some very helpful answers to many questions in this forum :)

Some questions which I don't know if they are answered anywhere in the forum. The car was owned by an old couple. Still has the default tape cassette the car came with. Needless to say some things need to be improved/changed with this little boy. Some questions to all of you Micra K11 experts:

- What's a good service centre in Milton Keynes or around the Milton Keynes area? Have a full history book for this car so would like to keep with a good service centre.
- I accidentally broke one fin in the air vent in the driver's seat cause I was trying to clip on those holders that hold your iphone in order to have google maps on. Any place to get a good official air vent (driver's side)
- I like keeping thing close to default but some things I always change/improve on. Can the micraheads in here please recommend:

A good induction air kit?
Tyres: Right now it has some 165/60R14 75H Primewell tyres. Any tyre recommendations?
Suspension: Going for comfort here so feel free to recommend some good and comfortable suspension for the car.

- Bodywork: Some paint has chipped off in the roof , doors and the front hood from age. It's peeling off and there is a bit of a rust where the paint is gone.

Underneath the car has no rust and it's fairly clean inside.

Again, happy to be here and if you have anything else to recommend regarding my Micra let me know. Will take some pictures in the morning :)