dci water pump/timing belt/valves - realistic home repair ?

One of the last ones made (2010) my Micra water pump went, took the timing belt and valves/camshaft with it, while pootling about at 60mph on a dual carriageway :(

Garages want 800 - 1200 labour charges and, honestly, I just can't see the point in spending around or over half the current value of the car (assuming it was in full working order).

If we assume it's worth 2k, for the sake of an example, it's still worth 2k if I spend 1k on it, so whatever I do at this point isn't going to add noticeable value.

That said, how realistic would it be to tackle a job of this scale ?

I used to work on off-road bikes and cars years ago as a hobby, but that was in the days of distributor caps and points ;)

I have access to tools and a domestic garage to store the car and work under cover in.

I've started looking at some YouTube videos and I am currently looking for a workshop manual as a reference.

Basically my plan would be to get the head off and see the sum of the damage - if the bore is pooched I'm drawing a line through it. If the bore is OK, I can replace what needs replacing and have the head sorted by a local firm, or replaced.

I don't begrudge garages their hourly rate, but there is no mileage in me putting half or more of the car's value into it at this point.

Shame because it was just MOT'd, serviced, new clutch, tyres, brakes and has always been carefully driven :(

Thoughts ?