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Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22


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i found the opposite and that there was too much travel in the pedal, ie hitting full throttle on carbs before pedal was on the carpet
same here, I have a few mm space now until the throttle opens and it is enough to open it completely


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nice to hear this man
ebbdude was saying widen the gap gradually to find the sweet spot,little guess
Thanks chaps :)

Last night I was ready to go for a test drive. Until I tried to change gear!

It all worked fine, then I removed the gearbox for clutch change. After refitting the box iam now finding that the selector coming out of the back of the box has seized solid.

1 thing after another with this car :( iam wondering whether one the rear mount bolts was too long and has somehow jammed the selectors.

Ill probably go get another box from the breakers though cose I haven't the time to mess around with the box that's on there!

I will work on it tonight, but the rest of the week I need to prep my driftcar for another event on the weekend
Yes I think it will be ok to drive now, we have lots of spare jets so we can try and tune on the road and get it as good as possible before dyno :)

I can't use it until I fit another silencer! I should have a silencer arrive today :)

I couldn't get a new gearbox, but mine has started to move a little. I put some oil in and worked the selector fork in and out until it freed a little, then started moving it side to side. I can now select atleast 3 different gears. I hoping it will free up enough that ill be able to use the car later this week.

Is the selector fork seizing up a common fault? Anyone had this before?

Ps. I drove the car to check that the clutch works. Its fast and its got some decent power for a little 1.3 :D
Thats one good looking car mate! Really glad you didnt jack in the project, would have been a real shame! :D Looking forward to more! :D
looking well there :)
love it kev (Y)
Thanks for the comments chaps, I love the stance and the way the engine bay looks, its come out better than expected :)

Thats one good looking car mate! Really glad you didnt jack in the project, would have been a real shame! :D Looking forward to more! :D
Thanks mate :)

Iam so glad I didn't give up, I have my sisters boyfriend to thank for that. He said that if I got the car ready for the road, he would take it to work and fix it with his boss on the rolling road. He than managed to get it working just with tinkering whilst I was getting on with other jobs :)

He will still tune it on the rollers for me but he said he wants to tune it on the road as close as he can get it. He hates jap as a rule but I think he has secretly fallen in love with this car haha

Last night I wanted to road test the car. However it decided to rain and I couldn't wind out my power cables :( I did get some other jobs done though and tested the clutch in my yard. Now I didn't have much space but I can't get over how lively this car feels :eek: iam used to driving 300+hp rwd cars and this little beast just appears ro be mental haha :D

Tonight if its dry I will get the last few jobs done, so that I can drive it to my mates workshop. Then we can sort the last of the wiring out and then its on the road :D

Got another silencer to fit, because its ear splitting loud! My driftcar has a screamer pipe but is still nowhere near as loud lol
great work mate (Y) that bonnet has rusted well now im not a big fan of rusted rat look bonnets but i got to say it goes really well on this keep up the good progress mate


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GTA lives!
sisters man,your a hero on this spot!
this has just reminded me that i can really only call k10's the real deal micra's
just look at the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,look at it all its the TOP HIT'R!!
Umm lol I may have spoken to soon.

Went to drive it home from the workshop last night.

Its missfiring again on the same carb/manifold.

Iam removing all the inlet and carbs again tonight, make 3 new gaskets. 2 x carb gasket and 1 x manifold gasket.

When I start it up and it still missfires I will be putting my new plan into action.

Iam fitting the standard injection manifold back onto the engine. I will drill and tap and then block off the injector holes. Then make an adaptor plate so that I can fit the one weber carb that works!

Then ill weigh in the manifold and make a fresh one, either for webers or for bike carbs.

However if someone is truly interested in taking this project on, please please pm me with an offer. I do love the car but it really has got to the point where iam now driving an illegal car everyday until either this one works or I find another car.

I got my eye on a drift ready volvo 340 which will make an ideal daily drifter.

I could always make it run on one weber and sell the car if anyones interested.

Iam picking up the new gearbox for this today! Ill fit that and make sure its all fine.

I did take it out for a bit last night to see if the carb would start working, I didn't but the car is as quick on 2 cylinders as it was on the ma10 lol
how much you looking for?
At this moment I have decided that I should try and finish it as much as possible before I think about selling it.

I have been using it and other than the dodgy electrics it has been reliable and economic so far. Also proved fairly handy for moving stuff from my old room at my mums place to the new house.

There are 1 or 2 jobs that desperatley need looking at.

1.brakes need bleeding (pedal is very low)
2.tracking needs adjusting (some torque steer)
3.iam getting some clutch slip already lol
4.some missfire under load (could be air leak still or could be timing)
5.the exhaust is way way way to loud 90db at tickover stood 6 foot off to the side of the tailpipe

Those are the things that need immediate attention
A while ago someone pm me with a black carpet and super s clocks for sale. I deleted the pm by accident and now cannot remeber who it was that had the parts.

Could they please pm me again! Or anyone else with the parts I want.

Micra in new home :)

The car is really quick and has been very reliable. Today we decided to go for a longer journey and we needed a tv unit and coffee table for our new home.

All was great until the throttle linkage broke! It happened about 10miles from home. I drove home on 1 carb and made new parts to replace the broken piece

I haven't got any pics of the new parts. But they are steel and look the same so they will be fine now :)

Rolling road is in 18 days :)
Now that we have moved into a new house and it isn't in the city anymore, I have decided that the exhaust isn't too loud at all :) we now live in the countryside and not a single person has complained or even mentioned that its loud. I have had atleast 6 people say that it just sounds like a motorbike :D I may make a fun video, today, of the car.

Its not that bad on petrol, although iam doing lots of random trips so its hard to tell compared to the mx5.

Much happier now I get to drive my little car.


Ps. It also handles amazing!! Reminds me of my mini and is really stable through twisties at the 100lepton mark. Just needs softer springs on the rear cose the rear is too skitty and makes me less confident. Also one of the rear shocks is leaking :(

Need new shocks and springs for the rear but can't decide what to get. Either polo, corsa or mx5 but which ever ones I get ill be needing some softer springs :)
Its using the twin dcnf carbs at the moment. Its being setup on the 16th but iam stiff having an odd missfire problem that I don't appear to be able to fix.

Its a part throttle mid revs miss fire. It does it mostly when cornering fast and is odd. If iam driving fast and I back of for a corner it'll missfire on part throttle. If you give it full throttle it'll stop missing. But only full throttle :(

It seems like a problem that tuning on the rollers probably won't fix so we will have to wait and see.

I think I may still end up with a capri downdraught weber on an injection manifold, will wait until after the rollers :)
Did a couple jobs last night

Fitted the strut brace I made a long time ago

Excuse the mess, been making epic quantities of flat pack furniture :wack: and buying washing machines ect ect lol

Also replaced the leaky standard mx5 shocks for bilstein mx5 shocks. And also swapped the coilover spring for a pair of standard rear springs from a 200sx. Much much much softer and now the car handles bumps perfectly. Although now the tyres rub a lot :( but that'll be sorted very soon :)

And I have a touch more roll so I will refit the rear anti roll bar

The shock brackets welded to the rear axle were robbed from an xr2I rear axle and work perfectly :)
Last night I fitted the rear anti roll bar back on, its amazing now :D its got the gokart caracteristics of the coilover springs but its actually comfortable over bumps and its actually safe and stable through bumps.

I may try and fit the front arb back on tonight although i am fairly confident that the road will be in the way of it :(

When I get back tonight my first plan is to make up the flanges for the rear axle. The flanges will be welded in the middle of the axle. I can the pop a tapered/angled spacer in the middle of the axle to adjust camber and toe in. Soon ill rose joint the rear axle links seeing as I can't find poly bushes anywhere. Now that I have a lathe there is nothing holding me back :D

Other plans for tonight are to wrap the four branch in heat bandage, paint it in vht paint and the fit it all back with gaskets, its starting to blow a little now but has been spot on with no gaskets up until now :)

I have also found a weber haynes manual whilst moving house. It has some good info on the dcnf carb. I have managed to teach myself a little about the carb which has enabled me to get the car running much better. Still needs some balancing and tinkering but it is much better now :)
Here is some update:
Some pics of the mods I carried out on the rear axle. I can alter camber and toe with a tapered spacer.

I cut the spacers into halfs and then bolted 2 opposite halfs together but with a 14mm spacer between them. Once welded up I removed the bolts and spacers leaving a 14mm gap in between the spacers. I then got the 9inch grinder out and removed the 14mm section of axle.

I did the mods in that fashion so that I could guarentee that the flanges were welded on square and perfectly 14mm apart. It worked well and didn't take to long. Iam happy with the outcome but still need to make the tapered spacer and take care of a couple rubs here and there :)

Bit too much camber at the mo but it does look proper bo!! Got some tyre rubbing still so need to check that out tomorrow
Thanks chaps, I think I like loads of camber lol, I may see how it handles before I add any positive camber. Then I just need to lengthen the front lower arms so that I have matching front camber :D
Rutland have been doing the same mod to mk1/2 fiesta axles for years. Iam an engineer and have been doing these sorts of mods for a long while and iam more than satisfied that the mods are more than safe :)

The tapered spacer before drilling

The tapered spacer after drilling

Tapered spacer fitted using high tensile 12.9 m12 bolts with nyloc nuts

Need to get some different bolts though, ones that are a better length :) also iam going to drill more holes in the spacer so that I can dial in differing amounts of toe and camber. All appears well so far, just needs tidying up and painting :)


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Thats a neat idea. I like that a lot.

Should the nuts and bolts not really have eaqually tapered washers under them, so that the path of the bolt is straight, rather than forcing them to bend?
It seems to sit a long way down too, is it going to get clobbered by the road a lot (not that the rest of the underside isn't!)?
Thats a neat idea. I like that a lot.

Should the nuts and bolts not really have eaqually tapered washers under them, so that the path of the bolt is straight, rather than forcing them to bend?
It seems to sit a long way down too, is it going to get clobbered by the road a lot (not that the rest of the underside isn't!)?
Cheers mark :)

Yeah your right about the bolts needing tapered washers. That's the next bit lol ill get bolts from work tomorrow and grab some 25mm bar so that I can machine some up at home. I only just got my lathe and haven't stock piled any materials yet haha

I just went and looked at the ground clearance and I can get my fist under the lowest part of the axle (middle) I also got a pic :)

Its certainly not as low as the exhaust or the sump :D

More pics once I have made the washers and painted it all up nicely! Got mot at the end of the month so need to make sure everything is sound before then :)


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nice mod, id be a little concerened as to how low its made the centre of the axle tho.

looks very very smart tho,

makes me think i need some negative camber on the back of the k11 a bit more front.

a little secret to front camber,

there are 2 12mm bolts that hold the hub to the suspension strut arent there, well take the top one out and replace it with a 10mm bolt, loosen the bottom one, push the hub back and tighten the bolts up, and hey presto, negative camber for the price of 2 m10 bolts and nuts :)

now that will give you a bit of camber but only about 1-2 degrees, so you could either replace the top m10 with an m8. or replace the bottom m12 with an m10 to give more.

this is what im going to do but dont have another £30 for lazer tracking yet :(

Wrapped and painted the manifold

Wrap was a bit cheap and hairy b ut should help with under bonnet temps :)

Carpet is back in and tidied a few other bits in the interior

Strengthened the seat rails and painted them

Some stickers

Camber :D
Cheers fella :)

Yeah its just on the standard cams at the mo but I do have some reground cams making there way to me soon :D also have some cg10 pistons for higher compression coming as well.

I would like to give the head ports a little work also.

There are some things left to do before the car is running perfect.

*there is a missfire problem which could be dodgy dizzy or wiring
*there is still some air leaks around the inlet manifold and carbs
*the tuner recommends that I swap to individual runner inlet asap
*the tuner recommended that I get a heavier flywheel because the lightened cg10 is too light for my setup
*the fuel pump needs to be mounted at the rear, as close as poss to the tank and upright

We did discuss altering the bob weights inside the dizzy for slightly more advance at the top end but he reckons that the advance curve is pretty good for my setup and its not worth the effort for not much gain.

Fairly happy with the outcome but a little disapointed that we haven't fixed the missfire and I didn't crack the 100hp barrier :(
nice well i think with them problems sorted and the new cams and pistons you should be looking at more than a 100hp (Y) and a s**t load more torque mate.
I seriously can't wait to get the cams and pistons in :D

However since Monday night I have developed an extremely bad missfire. I struggled to get to work this morning. Its going to another rolling road place on the weekend for mot and to see if they can diagnose the problem.

Also I have ditched the ally inlet I was making in favour of a steel inlet manifold. I have decided to do this because I can't weld ally and getting someone to do it how I want is a pita. So steel it is and hopefully will have it done in a few days. Just need 4 x 38mm mandrel bends and finish the flanges. Then get all faces skimmed and make a linkage.

Although I have other things on my mind.

Sat here I have a td04 turbo, all the flanges I need for it and gaskets, downpipe, new actuator bracket (because it was clocked 180* for previous project), choice of intercoolers, a ca18det for injectors and fuel rail ect and also I have a megasquirt sat doing nothing.

Maybe I need to go back to injection and fit a turbo, would be better on fuel and just better in general imo

Oh decisions lol