Dash lights, park lights and rear lights not working (haz and brakes is fine)

Hello, new here and first time poster, hoping this is the right area to post in. 👋

So a few weeks back my GF acquired a (LeftHandDrive) K11 (2000 mod I think) and it had a powerthief that turned out to be the cassette player. It was tossed and I got a newer CD player that I fitted in. Little did I know that what I thought to be ground cable in the harness turned out to be the "dimmer" cable from the light switch. It worked fine, until it did not and burned the plastic off of the cable. 🤦‍♂️ Lesson learned now, always double check and check again. Removed the radio and made sure there was no connection between chassis and plus side.
However, neither dash lights, park lights, plate lights or back lights works. Brake lights and haz/blinkers works fine.
I found a burned red with blue cable that came from the "CONT-ASS'Y D.T.R.L" box (see the picture for what connector it came out of) and I wonder if this is the cable I need to mend together again (I snipped it away since it was burned). I could use some help/ideas what I need to do to get it working again and safe (don't want to have a burned/stripped cable possibly hitting ground). I have checked the fuses and only removed the "radio" fuse, all the others are fine.
I fear I have to remove the dash plastics to get all the fried red with blue cable, but if I get some pointers on what screws to remove that would also be nice

Best, Bjørn


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I have updates on my problem, and mostly good ones too! :D

After a lot of cursing, some blood shed and tinkering with angling I managed to remove the dash plastic cover completely.
Having done that, finding the burned cable and removing it was easy (electrical tape from '97 is really nasty tho). Now all I need to do is pick up some new wires that I can replace the burned supply-cable and find a way to repair the D.T.R.L path that fried. Really need to fix it, a used one is €80 plus shipping and a new one is a whopping €300.

Is it safe to just snip off a short stump of the same wire diameter and solder it onto the contact points, or should I try soldering a bridge? 🤔


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More updates!

Today I received the soldered box, to my surprise he had also reheated the solder on all the big contact points.
Tested it by just hot connecting the wire and the blinker handle switch. IT WORKED 🥳
I then used a two way cable shoe/connector (too tight for a solder connector) and taped it off and tested again to make sure. Now all that is left is cleaning the dust out of the air ducts and re-assemble the dash. 🥳


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