Damage Repair


Hey guys, Im in the mood to sort out my car, so I come to you for help..

The previous owner of my car (My Girlfriend) decided to have an argument with a bollard and created this nice scuff (over 2 years ago now):


Its on the rear arch, and I was wondering how I would go about sorting it out. Iv never done any major body work jobs (iv made my own open mouth grill, but what I lack in experience, I gain in enthusiasm! lol (Y))

So as always, any help would be very much greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!


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Saw your grill Tom,looks good.
You can do a very local repair on this scrape.Best to get the bumper out of harms way (or a least mask it with several layers of masking tape.You can undo the fixing & wedge it down a bit..
Sand the rust off but no gouges with vicious sandpaper on surrounding good paint..keep it local! Scrape of filler,wipe off excess on good paint with rag & thinners or petrol.Sand it flat(with a block on flat areas) blending the filler into surrounding good paint.Takes longer but use 600 or 800 & again protect good paint as much as poss.
When you are happy with the filler steal a washing up scourer from the kitchen,warm soapy water & clean an area around the repair to remove all traces of sillicones/wax's. Mask the bumper etc & keep the masking aroiund paint repair a few inches away so you don't get any "hard lines" that you'll end up having to flat out.
Primer..if your repair is good you can get away with a puff of normal primer.If not so good you can get filler primer in aerosols.I've tried loads of makes,U Pol products I have found to be best but they're not shy with the prices..Warm the can in hot water,gets the paint flowing better.Rob a hairdryer & warm the panel gently..& puff a few coats on.When it's dry flat off the repair & overspray with fine paper in warm soapy water.
Same with the topcoat,don't go mad chasing it up the panel.Get an aerosol made up at an automotive paint supplier.They can also match the colour for you & will be cheaper than that other place :)
If you're fussy you can get "Fadeout" spray which you dust where the new paint blends with the old.It's aggressive thinner,also ace at getting reluctant cars started.
When dry if its got dust,runs or orange peel you can flat with wet soapy superfine (1500) & then polish with compound..Voila!!


wow...well that pretty much explains that...I may have to do this, and take pictures of every step and make it into a guide (of course giving all credit to you dude lol) ...

Thanks! lol