DAB radio

I have a DAB radio unit that I'm trying to fit in the Micra in combination with the Nissan CONNECT head unit.
(works by re-transmitting as FM, either wireless or with inline feed)

Ive worked out:

1) How to get to the Nissan CONNECT unit, Owl shaped dash central section pulls off, no screws. Supposedly easier from the bottom then the top, I found needed pulled from top edge first.

2) Ive located ground and ignition on the loom feeding the Nissan CONNECT lower of the 2 connectors, the main one.

Extreme left Black/white = ground
Extreme right = permanent live (did not use)
pin 7 blue top = ignition live

I've more or less decided where to put aerial:

I won't consider drilling a hole in the roof for another aerial/ or replacing the roof aerial with an FM/DAB combination aerial.

I could cut down the roof aerial but I still need an FM aerial for FM and navigation Traffic info.

First looked to see if I could fit it inside the rear spoiler on the DIG-S. Cant see any easy way to get the spoiler off or remove the high level light to put it inside.
In front of the radiator in the front bumper where I can mount aerial vertically and where there's no metal work in front of it seems best.

Problems I have:

If I put aerial in the front I have to get the aerial cable through the bulk head or put the DAB unit in the engine bay. If I put the dab unit in the engine bay I need to find a suitable +ve from the ignition.
Anyone either found a best place to pass a wire through the bulk head or a suitable place to get a live on the ignition from under the bonnet?

P.S. Yes I know the batteries under the bonnet but I want a suggestion on best ignition switched live that could be used. Preferably a not very important one or one that exists for additional equipment not usually fitted.

Regardless of this I would really want to go through the bulk head as I want to fit a cig-lighter/power outlet to the battery.

Suggestions for getting wire through bulkhead and where to take a live from in engine bay.
1. Regarding the DAB's antenna, I cannot give you a certain answer, but I would try to make my way on the side pillar till the central mirror and place it behind the mirror somehow... As I said I do not know the size of the antenna. If you could post a pic. maybe I could give you a better answer.

2. As for the lighter, (I will re-position the USB next week- I am waiting for few eBay stuff - as you did :) I really liked the idea) I will take 12V from the fuse box, where the original lighter should have the wires. The fuse for the lighter is already in place. It if the first fuse - 15 A, blue color. I have a picture of that one on my Fuse Box thread. I will make my way in the back of the fuse box and take the necessary 12V from there, as it should be.... No drilling and messing around required. Take note that the fuse box may be different in your car... in mine it is different than the picture ... but the top left corner hold the 15 A fuse you want to use.

Hope that my answer will help you. I look forward for your reply.
Right... if you want to do things right ... you have to make them yourself... And why some people have to answer if they don't have a clue ... Anyway...

There were 2 questions... In the first question, if you can read... maybe... I didn't give an answer but I've asked for further information. 2nd question fully answered. It is different from the answer I've received in my post... "I don't know for certain but the usual places are near the steering column (near your right knee) or in the glove box"... or in short words... it can be everywhere... And it is my right to openly expose my thoughts.
I am not going to argue with you, or stoop to your level with comments such as 'if you can read'. What I would suggest is maybe reigning in your attitude a little, then you may find help more forthcoming. All you needed to say was that you had found the information yourself on another forum. There was absolutely no reason to have a go at a fellow member, directly or indirectly, or mention that another forum had only taken 5 minutes to answer your query, implying that msc wasn't as good. If you hang around, and I hope you do, you will find this forum is one of the best, friendliest and most helpful there us anywhere, with loads of knowledgeable staff and members. Regards, Ade
Your first comment started this dispute. I am glad that we are going to stop here. My attitude might not been good because I like to address things straight. I do the same in real life. I never implied that Msc is not good. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. Nice meeting you Ade. :)
Your first comment started this dispute. I am glad that we are going to stop here. My attitude might not been good because I like to address things straight. I do the same in real life. I never implied that Msc is not good. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. Nice meeting you Ade. :)
Unfortunately I disagree with your notion of me 'starting it' for the reasons stated in my previous response, I guess in this instance we will have to agree to disagree :) I understand what you mean about dealing with things straight but you must remember that although you are entering data into a phone or computer, ultimately it is people that you are dealing with. That's it, rant over, I'm done ;)
Looked at this again today. I could not get a wire thru the bulkhead. I had thought I would be able to squeeze a wire thru where the loom passes thru, behind the glove box but despite there being a lot of space back there just can't get at it from the right angle. No where I can get access with a drill either to make a second hole except a small space beside servo at drivers side and there I can't see what's on the other side inside car so would be a risk of causing damage. Gave up and took easy option and put aerial inside roof facing forwards from back edge of glass section. Fairly simple if you have a glass roof and gives good reception. Need to be carefull to avoid putting cable anywhere side air bag.

For info Using a JVC antenna looks about 30cm long think its "jvc dab antenna 3". I already had this
Ps Looking at the Nissan fm connector and Nissan connect head unit - it looks like the connector allows for 2 aerial cables not just 1, think for cars where there's no roof aerial could be one aerial in each bumper like volvo C70 or in 2 rear quarter windows with aerials in like a landrover discovery , thought about using second input to nissan connect for my dab unit but had no documentation on it and didn't want to risk damaging connector as didn't have a spare and seen high prices for them so just put inline cutting stock aerial cable 3-4 inch behind connector. Couple of quid for male and female aerial din connectors. Did find 2 part adaptor kit for purpose but £25 seemed a bit expensive. If can find adaptor cable cheaper thoughwould be worth getting. Only got so long to mess about before wife starts getting p***ed off.
Will try and update again regarding dab unit but will use for a couple of weeks before commenting.

Hoping to never have to listen to Matt Grimshaw or Chris Evans again
Drove down to London and back today. DAB unit worked pretty well listened to radio 1 extra on DAB most of the time. No warbling or breakup of signal, or interference from other fm transmissions. Traffic information on the Nissan Connect still worked with the route guidance. Don't know about radio traffic updates, didn't get any but usually have them turned off cos some local radio stations seem to abuse the ability to retune your radio, well BBC WM seem to abuse it a bit in my opinion.

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Ok been using this for a few weeks now. DAB I have is called Kinetic Digitizor. Transmission method is FM which I prefer to bluetooth as can only pair one bluetooth device which I want to be my phone for hands free calls. Because of bit rate for UK DAB only being 128 although DAB is clear there's better depth in sound from Fm stations than DAB.
Unit can braodcast a weak fm signal or be wired inline to fm aerial which was advised for best results. What I found wiring inline as advised may make dab signal better ( I could not notice difference) but it weakens FM signal and I could tell FM radio was worse with the dab unit turned off so unless live in central London where there's lots of DAB and FM is not so good due to high buildings bouncing signal don't wire in line. Other issue would be its a bit too much fiddling about to find stations whilst driving. There are 3 sets of 4 presets that can be programmed total 12 presets. To be honest its best for just switching between your 4 favourites. So I'd probably say I'd rate kinetic digitizor 3 out of 5. OK but not raving over it.

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