Cylinder Head Compatability


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are the cylinder heads compatable between the 1.0l and 1.3/1.4l and dizzy vs coilpack?

I'm looking into a skimmed head for increased compression with some performance cams. It would be easier if I could but one 2nd hand, skim then and then replace my current 1.3 dizzy head.

Dr Phil
Cheers Frank.

Probably another stupid question to follow up. Is it possible (if a pain) to swap out a head in-situ?

I'm limited on working space, so removing the engine proper would be a huge barrier.


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the most awkward bolts are 2 of the inner ones on the inlet mani to head mate, i always left them off
or you can lift the head-mani as one (longer job)
but i did loads of head swaps in situ